Halloween 2.0!

It’s Halloween 2015! Last year, we scoured the internet bringing you the very breast costume ideas we could find that incorporated The TaTa Top. Who said bikinis are just for summer!? We were beyond impressed with what some of our customers came up with….and we also learned thatThe TaTa Top can be incorporated intoany costume idea for just a little bit of added creativity (and extra laughs obviously).. This year we are taking our Halloween post in a different direction and are thrilled to share some of our very own customers’ costumes from 2014. If you're still working on that perfect outfit for this year's festivities, take a look below and get inspired:  

“Bare Naked” Ladies!

Bonus points for the cleverness and simplicity of this one! All you need is a bear hat, The TaTa Top, and a friend or two. Bear Naked  


We have quite the mermaid following, and we LOVE it! Not sure how you will be getting around in this costume, but all you need is a mermaid tail and The TaTa Top!   Mermaid1   Mermaid2   Mermaid3   Mermaid4  


This costume came all the way from New Zealand! Who wouldn’t want to be a topless graduate? Graduate  

Ballerina (Topless)

Pretty great at twirling around in circles? Ballerina  

Kanye West

Want to turn heads, get some laughs, and confuse people--all at thesame time? Problem solved: Topless Kanye West! Kanye  

Greek Goddess

This one is simple enough. Just grab a flowy dress and The TaTa Top! Goddess  


Doing your best to channel the Halloween spirit, but it’s actually Christmas that’s your favorite holiday? Santa  


Grab some friends. Grab some cheerleading skirts. These customers used The TaTa Top in their production of Debbie Does Dallas. But you and your friends could use it to be cheerleaders in a locker room! Cheerleader    


This one is too easy...grab a trench coat and BOOM! Streaker  

Tobias Fünke

Any Arrested Development fans out there? We loved this hilarious rendition of our favorite never nude NeverNude    
    Hopefully these Halloween ideas got you in the spirit! Check out our social media for more Halloween costumes inspired by The TaTa Top and don't forget to share your own original costumes by using #thetatatop  

Have a great Halloween!!!