The TaTa Top Takes your Halloween Game Up a Notch

Looking for some Halloween costume inspiration this year?

Summer may be coming to a close but don't put that TaTa Top away just yet...wow your friends and claim that costume contest cash with these TaTa Top based creations we've compiled just in time for Halloween.

Hannah Horvath To say we are big fans of the HBO show "Girls" is an understatement. So many looks to choose from for this one but here are two of the best:   Hannah 1  
  Hannah 2
Miley Cyrus Oldie but a goodie. Grab some chains, a blonde mohawk, and some combat boots to nail this look:   Miley    
Rihanna Class it up with this elegant gown ensemble turning heads and causing double takes all night:   rihanna    
Scout Willis Take a stand for #FreeTheNipple by pairing this floral skirt with some brown flats:   Scout Willis    
Khaleesi/Daenerys Targaryen Winter is coming...but before it gets here, grab a blonde wig and some soot to create the ultimate Mother of Dragons look:   Khaleesi  
Nicki Minaj  This is a fun costume for the daring...All you need is an open-bust bra, leather thong, handcuffs, a long blond wig, and some fishnet pantyhose:    
Adam + Eve  Grab your best guy friend/husband/boyfriend and incorporate the TaTa Top to revamp this classic couples costume: Adam + Eve  
  Trolls! Need a group costume?  Gather a group of your best friends and go as your favorite 80’s toy: Trolls!  Depending how long your hair is….Either use temporary hair dye and tons of hair spray to get the “troll-look” or buy a troll wig, get a large jewel for your belly button, and nude bottoms:   Trolls  
Naked + Afraid LOVE this show. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out and you'll definitely be hooked. This costume can be solo (for the hardcore survivalist) or can be paired with someone else to form a team:   Naked + Afraid  

Have you own plans for your TaTa Top this Halloween?

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